Image on pdf page

I have created 1 pdf which must show a file/photo field, like this:
I used HTM component
I entered the code:

<p><img src="{!!Foto Compertina.url!!}" width="500" height="500" /></p> 

and first problem, it only shows the first picture

I created a second PDF linked to a different table, with the same code (changing the field name, but it doesn’t show any photos).

Have you used related images in Pdf and found a solution to show all the photos in the image field?

Hi @DanioA -

It appears you are attempting to use handlebars JS to call the URL for the image. JS is currently not supported in the PDF 2.0 options.

You may need to use something similar to:
<img src="{Foto Compertina}" width="500px" height="auto" />

Hope this helps,

Thanks Adam,

but talking to Tim, it seems the solution is to get the link to the photos first (for those who archive on DropBox).

Something like that, as he explains in the video.