Image size, field border and text formating on detail component page

Hi coleagues. Im trying to figure out how to change size of an image when showing it on a detail page. I see that size is different when using single file field type “File” or using multimple file one, “Fields”. I also would like to center the image within column.


May be it can be changed with CSS, though it would be nice to have it on format tab options: size, background, border, alignment, for the ones like me that do not manage CSS well enough.

I see how to change title size or even hide it. But how to change field text size and color?

I’d appreciate some help on both topics

Any hint @tim.young. I wonder why the setup of an image is so different when type is “file” or Files" even with just one picture. And why we don’t have a “center image” function. In fact center text does not wokr on lists, though it does work fine in tables.


Hi @rofuy, try adding a css class to the image field than add css to the page. In my case i use “.image-col” for the css class than I set the height and width.

.image-col img {
height: 170px !important;
width: 170px !important;
overflow: scroll;