Immediate Changes to Outgoing Emails

We wanted to let you know about a change that can immediately impact your outgoing emails. When sending emails from within Tadabase, we’ve enabled you to set a custom from email address. However, due to changes made by our email service provider beyond our control,you can now only customize the “from” email when sending emails using custom SMTP settings.

If you’re sending and using a custom from email without setting your own SMTP settings, the email will be sent from “” If you’re using your own custom SMTP settings, this will not impact your app.

To learn how to set up your own custom SMTP settings for a service such as SendGrid, please see this article.

I apologize about this sudden change which originates with our email service provider and was made beyond our control.

If you need help with configuring your own SMTP settings, please let us know at and we’d be happy to assist.