Import child record to parent record

I feel like this should be an easy task but i cant find a fix.

I have
Parent table Actions
Child table as Assets

I can add an action to an asset and it shows up as a connected record in the asset table which is good.
When i go to the actions table i cant get a record to display what asset the action is related to.
I have searched and found the pipe tadabase records utility, utilizing the import child records but all i seem to be able to get into the parent table is the word success from the api call.
Can i not use this method anymore?

End goal i want to be able to click a link in the action (Parent) which will take me to the asset (Child).

Hi Brad, welcome to the community!

The record utilities are made for importing ‘template’ records into another parent. A use case would be if you have a list of tasks that need to be replicated whenever a new job is added.

Are you simply looking for the ability to view the Actions table and be able to click on go directly to that asset and not the details page for the parent (which will contain all the assets?

Hi Moe,
Thanks for your response ok that makes sense with the import child.

Yes i want to be able to go to the actions table and click a link to the details page for the assest connected to that record. Which is easy when you do it from the child table.

A bit more context.

In the asset details page i have a table which displays only linked actions.
On this table i have a add new record which adds the action to the table in the asset details page perfectly.
But then i have no reference when i go to the actions table on its own page, no way to tell what its related too.

Ok i changed the asset table to the parent so now the asset lists in the actions standalone table with a link to asset details page.

Then on the asset details page i just used the related table to display actions linked to the asset.

@mtmgroup -

Did you figure out a solution that is acceptable for your application or do you still need some help?


Hi Adam,
My solution is working for me i just had to change a few things around.