Importing with custom delimiter hangs

Hey TB crew,

Our team gets CSV files via a plugin that stipulates a " + " (space+space) delimiter between product SKUs.

I need to import each SKU between delimiters to a new line in my Tada table, but when I use the custom delimiter function in the import, Tada just hangs, even when I only try to import that one column. It’s not a large spreadsheet.

I think if I uncheck “has header row,” that may force Tada to give me a new line for each delimited item if I can get it to work. Is that right?

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Sean, it’s difficult to comment without seeing exactly what the issue is. If you cut and paste a couple of lines of a the records I’ll take a look.

Could you not either import into google sheets or excel and then export back to a CSV or open in a text notepad and do a “search and replace” CTRL F / R to switch the space + space to a comma?


Hi again Mr. Greddie,

Pasting the CATALOG NO. column below.

I can only imagine they coded the plugin to output that custom delimiter instead of commas because they expected commas in the data.

Even so, while it’s true I could tell our designers they need to change all the ’ + 's to commas before importing to Tada, seeing as how there’s a custom delimiter function already I’m trying to avoid jury rigging at this early stage.

Ultimately these people are going to want button-press simplicity and I’m failing them at the outset. Can’t even get their data into this thing so I can start programming the db.

MR UNIVERSE-B-3W-FLOOD-200-2700K-8-15V
F080-1S-MO-30-9-E2-K-X + F080-H-K + F080-WMA-06-K F080-1S-MO-30-9-E2-K-X + F080-H-K + F080-WMA-06-K F080-1S-MO-30-9-E2-K-X + F080-H-K + F080-WMA-06-K
F080-2H-LO-30-80-40-CH + FO80-LV-HCOMB

Hey @LongBeachSean Sean, I think you’re right, it looks like the customer delimiter import isn’t working you’re best off opening a support ticket and reporting that as a bug or at least the “+” isn’t working as a custom delimiter. If I replace the +'s for commas the import (just of the SKU’s not the entire record) works fine as expected.

One observation though, this record you have provided here appears to be a parent and the SKU’s appear to be a child of that parent record all in a single text file, so even if they fix this issue you won’t be able to import that text file and the SKU’s in a single pass and what is the delimiter being used between all the other fields, is it a Carriage Return / Line Feed?

You may be able to bring the entire SKU field into a single RichText field and then use a Pipe to chop it up and place it into individual child records (SKU’s) or individual fields of the catalog number, SKU1, SKU2, SKU3 etc.

If this is a one-time process to migrate data into Tadabase you may need to use another tool to get you data prepared for import. If it’s an ongoing process of setting up new products you may need to consider automating outside Tadabase. You could use MAKE or another automation tool to manipulate that file into a format Tadabase could more easily import.

I may be wrong but off the top of my head I’m not aware of how you could easily import that record and the child records in one pass.


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Thanks Mr. Graham, very much,

The other fields don’t use any such delimiter to separate items inside a field — I’m sorry if this doesn’t answer your question. New guy, here. I imagine one could say the user has simply struck Return after inputting data to those fields.

Sadly, it’s not a one-and-done scenario as these folks will need to do this process all the time; it’s how a crucial part of our data will enter Tada.

I have another thread open in here regarding how to make a Workato connection to TB so I can start conjuring something there.

If you’ve got any creative ideas, my friend, I have very large ears. Thank you for your very thoughtful reply in any case!

Cheers from the LBC,