Improve developer experience: center high-lighted page in the center of the list in the page builder

Within the builder you can change the view between the data builder and the page builder.
If you chose the page builder coming from another part of the builder, you always get to the top of the pages list.

My suggestion: center the high-lighted page in the list of pages, when you open the page builder

Benefits: you win a lot of time by not having to scroll down every time you change between data builder and the page builder (which happens a lot).

Thanks for considering

PS: same if you move from components to the pages list, within the page builder

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We are doing a lot behind the scenes to improve the experience.

For example, the Page list will be a slideout that then gets tucked out of the way. When you click on it, it will show you the list of pages like you described.

Here’s a sneek peek.

This isn’t an urgent item on our todo list, but it is actively being worked on by some of the team.

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