Including decision box values in IF statements in equations

Hi everyone,

I’d like to include the field value of a decision box in IF statements in some of my equations (e.g. ‘if this box is checked we add X amount to the result and if it’s unchecked we don’t’) but I can’t find any info on how to describe the field value in the IF statement. E.g. IF({field}=unchecked,X,Y) – but ‘checked’/‘unchecked’ don’t seem to work, and nor do ‘true’/‘false’, ‘on’/‘off’ or ‘yes’/‘no’. Has anyone done this and if so how?

Thanks in advance!



Did you check this : Equation Fields | Tadabase.

I also have these statements in my app, but I give them numbers like 0 /1. This approach works, but you need to be consistent which value is related to which outcome, when you use this in multiple occassions in the app.

Hi Peter

Try ‘Off’ and ‘On’

@slimpens Thanks for the input! How do you convert your decision box values to 0/1? Or do you mean you ask the user to select 0/1 rather than checking a box?

Thanks! I don’t seem to be able to get Off/On to work, either with or without inverted commas…

Sorry I should have tested before posting.

Now I have tested the way that works is todo

IF({field} is true,Y,X)

Awesome – thanks so much!

In the record rule I use the outcome of the box to assign a number to another field value. E.g. When you have a radio option, I give a 0 or a 1 to a ‘outcome field’…

Thanks, @slimpens