Infinite Loop - the devils black hole of death and all things bad :(

Unfortunately an infinite loop :imp: :loop: :imp: occured on one of my MAKE scenarios due to poor error handling, or as I’ll explained to my boss and wife (they are one and the same) - it was a “computer glitch” :lying_face:!

One of the outcomes is that I’ve inadvertently bombarded Tadabase with the 16,000 record updates to the exact same record! Tadabase was clearly a little perplexed :rage: and quite rightly used up my quota of API calls and started returning a 429 Error - Too many attempts have been made.

Luckily for me today is the start of the Easter holidays and we are closed for business (it would seem I’m lucky :shamrock: even when I’m unlucky!) so database activity is at a minimum and impact is super low but out of interest what if anything can I do in such circumstances (other than writing better MAKE error handing :man_technologist:t2: ) to reinstate the systems? Is it purely a case of waiting 24 hours until the limits reset?

I did try to run the API code

that would return the reset time and confirm the status of the API limits but of course I’m out of credit so I got a 429 error ! :joy:

When incidents like this occur and I feel like I “got away with it” lightly I always try to do a lessons learnt and build in tolerance and safe guards so any pointers or ideas from anyone else on this subject would be more than welcome.

I’m going back to eating chocolate eggs for a while - Happy Easter :hatched_chick: / Happy Spring holidays to all!

for (let i = 0; i < 16000; i++) {
    console.log("Happy Easter");

Ask chatGPT if you need to :wink:

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