Input Mask for International telephone numbers E.164 standard

Hi @Chem ,

I’ve just realised that the telephone number input masks with the prefix of “+” (commonly used for international dialling) don’t appear to actually support the maximum length international telephone numbers.

According to the widely accepted standard E.164 - Wikipedia, the maximum length telephone number including the country code is 15 digits. Currently the Tadabase mask for the + (international) only supports 12 digits and then it hides anything after that.

This actually creates quite a problem since I’ll be sharing telephone numbers with my customers, who are based around the world and therefore the numbers needs to be internationalling accessible (dialable). We work a lot with customers in Germany and they often have a 13 digit number. I see that Estonia need all 15 digits since they have a 3 digit country code.

The (default) telephone mask option can’t be used either since it doesn’t allow you to keep the “+” in the number (I think the plus gets removed upon importing, although you may be able to enter manually).

Anyway to cut to the issue:

Could we please have an international mask that has the + at the beginning and allows up to 15 digits?

I would personally suggest this format:


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Hey @GREDDIE, the phone field will automatically remove spaces and “+” characters, as you’ve already discovered.

In this case, I recommend using a Text Field to hold the phone number and to make the phone number clickable; I would suggest using an Equation Field to convert it into a hyperlink. This will provide a seamless user experience and allow for easy access to the phone number.

For example, below, you can see I have a Text Field called “Phone Text” and an Equation next to it called “Text to Clickable Phone Link”. The Equation is as follows:
CONCAT('<a href="tel:',{Phone Text},'">',{Phone Text},'</a>')

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Hi @Chem thanks I will do that if it’s the only option but it’s going to take me a long time to change this.
Unfortunately I’ve got at least 10 fields across 4 tables that display this in at least 12 pages. To make it worse, I’ve got a fair amount of rules and javascript happening on all those fields because I’ve already plumbed-in integration into IP telephony and SMS messaging via MAKE. :worried:

Is there any chance you could consider adding it or is that out of the question for the time being?