Input mask for numbers field and text field

Hi! I’m new to Tadabase and still learning how to use it.
I’d like to add a suggestion to add input mask for the number and text fields.
I think this feature will prevent people on the user end from making mistakes and fat finger typos.
Our business deals with unique value numbers that has to be exact and it would be nice to have this extra layer of protection.
For example, I need a number field with 20 digits and the first four has to be 8901. If a user gets it wrong it would not allow the record to be added and it would be highlighted in red.
We would use it for phone, sim card and PIN numbers and it would help us a lot.
We can’t use “Phone Number” field for our phone numbers because it would add extra characters ()--____ and this would make it difficult to copy paste the number.
We’re left to use simple number field without any validation tools. Sim Card numbers are 20 digits long and it’s easy to get it wrong(Because of unknown issue we had to use simple text field). If we get PIN number wrong that would be the worst mistake of all. It has to be no less or more than 4 digits.(for this one we had to use text field as well, because if the first digit is zero it would not show up in the number field.
I was referred to this link here: Prevent date input pop-up JS code - #7 by Chem
This is a bit advanced for me. Making this feature native would be great addition, especially when a work-around is necessary.
Thank you for your consideration!

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Welcome to the community @Uriel! :tada:

I would love to see input masks as a native feature in the near future too! In the meantime, I’ll be more than happy to assist in setting up the coded input mask to fit your needs.