Insert multiple child records

Hi, let me give a simpler situation of my app. Table1 is the parent table, Table2 is the child table. I have record1 in Table1, field1 (name), field2 is a multiple select field, for each record I can have different number of items, in this example, C1, C2 & C3. Well, let’s suppose the selected items is done using a edit form, I would like after saving the form, to create 3 records in Table2, name/C1, name/C2 and name/C3. Any ideas? Tks

Hey @Aprada

Can you see if this helps you?

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Tks Tim for the reply. It’s not exactly what I’m asking., check the chart.

The video works setting the #of records to create but didn’t pull the child record fields and nothing to do with a multiple selection field. More ideas?