Integration with email and calendar

Hi, I am interested in allow a user to synchronise their calendar with their user account in my Tadabase app? Ideally, so I can have Tadabase view appointments in their calendar, as well as to be able to send calendar requests to others on their behalf. This may be Office 365/Gmail/iCal. Going one step further, integration to send/receive emails would be useful. Are there any tips for achieving this, or is anything on the product roadmap?

These are very interesting and have so many use cases, but we won’t go further than making Pipes to create and get calendar event details via Pipes. We do have several pipes on the horizon for Google Calendar and Google Contacts. Technically, you can then run a task to update and ‘sync’ from Google to Tadabase, however, we likely will never add that as a native feature. It’s a bit beyond the scope of a database app and can cause more issues than its worth.

I’m confident with the help of pipes and maybe a bit of scripting this is easily doable though.