Integration with Google Data studio

Hello all,

Has anyone managed to integrate Tadabase with Google Data studio? We have a number of tables which we would like to use there and refresh the data when a report is loaded. We tried to do that with Integromat however we are experiencing issues.

I am excited to hear any possible solutions.


Tadabase has an integration with Google Data Studio that will hopefully be released sometime this year.

Hello Sara, Is there any workaround to do that now? it is essential for our company to get live data and track it. Also, we have been following up with this for some time with no luck of approval coming, is there any recent update that makes you guys confident this will get through soon? when you say a couple of weeks, do we have any estimate, how many weeks exactly?

Hi Sara

Have you actually received feedback from Google recently confirming that approval should be coming soon?

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Hello @Sara ,

Any news regarding the integration? A few months have passed since your last update.


@Sara do you have any updates on this topic?

Hey @tim.young and @moe

This could be a great topic for Build it with Tim Webinars!

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