Interactive Map with points and What3Words map / grid

Hi All,

I’m looking into developing an interactive map that uses what3words and would allows the user to modify the exact pointer location dynamically creating a new what3words address.

I see that the W3W Tadabase Pipe is available but has anyone created an interactive map with click and move functionality with a location?

What3Words provides these HTML / Javascript & CSS Integration notes Using the Web Map Component | what3words

Anyone on here know whether it’s possible to embed this into Tadabase? I’ve had a play but can’t get it to work so far…

Also wondered if it’s worth adding to the suggestions list, could the W3W Google Maps integration be added to the existing Tadabase GoogleMaps component? (@moe?)

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Hi @GREDDIE you can try with custom component, let me build an example for you

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Hi @kruizf201 I’m all ears… :ear: , can’t wait to hear if you have any success or pointers for me thank you.

Just an update that I’ve made progress and as @kruizf201 suggested, by using a Custom Component I can now get the What3Words interactive map displayed… now just working out how to acquire the updated location… :confused:

This is the form so far:

I’m trying to get the top value in red placed or saved into the form field value.

I’m not sure if this helps but the map element id is w3w-map and I think I need the value stored in words (see below)

any pointers anyone ? - even if it’s “it can’t be done” ! :slight_smile:

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