Is it possible to acquire the hosted URL for a PDF FORM (I know you can for PDF PAGES)

I want to save my PDF Form to Base64 and then attach it to an email but I can’t see how to obtain the URL of PDF’s created with PDF Forms. Can you confirm whether this is currently possible please?

Many thanks

I discovered it’s this format for PDF Forms


which might look something similar to this:

**** Whilst this appeared to work initially it subsequently failed with an “invalid file” message being displayed in the browser when I attempt to recall the URL :frowning:

I’ll update post if I work out what’s happening though I fear the file may be secured (inaccessible) or only available temporarily for viewing of the PDF form…

any thoughts from the Support Team super welcome as always :slight_smile:

It appears to me that the PDF-Form (not PDF Page - that is different) file becomes available on the above mentioned URL only if you have previously stopped that specific PDF from saving the file locally on your machine.

If however it successfully completes it’s process of downloading the PDF locally to your machine and then opening that local file in your chosen application (Adobe or Chrome), the PDF file does not appear to be saved to that URL (for future reference).

I think the file is being forced as a “download” since it attempts to save to a file name that you passed in Tadabase when generating that PDF Form.

I wondered if Support @tim.young @Chem @moe can confirm this or provide info on how to always obtain the URL of the Form PDF file?


PDF Forms are not saved to Tadabase. They are automatically downloaded to your machine.
We’re considering adding the option to save the PDF Form.

Learn more about PDF Forms here: PDF Forms | Tadabase

Hey @Sara, thanks for the reply.

Am I correct in saying that this is somewhat different to how PDF Pages works then?

With PDF Pages you can obtain the URL and therefore ultimately obtain the file, convert to Base64 and use later in email attachments etc. If you can’t do this with PDF Forms I think this should be clearly highlighted as its quite a consideration when deciding which feature to use.

I’m wondering if there is “hack” in the interim since I’ve discovered if you initiate the download but stop it before saving locally you can actually reach the URL of the PDF from here…