Is it possible to append a form field to a collapsible accordian?

Not sure this is possible, as i´m trying to do this within an edit form page, however i´ve got several Rich text fields that take up lots of screen space. I´ve searched the element id (in this case field id(‘field_block_field_468’) as I would normally to append it to the accordian in the javascript view, however it doesn´t append. I´ve tried various permatations including trying to reference the element in the page to no avail. I imagine and it is possible if anyone can help?


I’ve never tried but I’m assuming it would be possible. Can you share an image of the page builder to see how everything is setup?

You can try removing the “_” between the page element and the field block. Try replacing the whole string with #x_element_page_586_3 .field_block_field_468

Thanks for your interest, i´ve just tried both your suggestions, unfortunately to no avail.

I´ve also tried using “field_block_field_468” on it´s own and also just “field_468”.

Like you said I would expect this to be possible…any other ideas would be more than welcome.

So I think with the current code provided, it’s not possible to use the accordion inside a form.

I tried to replicate what you have the best I could by making 2 columns on a page. In the left column, I have an edit form with every field except the Rich Text fields.

In the right column, I have an HTML component with the accordion code, followed by 3 forms. Each form has 1 rich text field in it.

Saving a value into any of the Rich Text fields is immediately reflected in the details component above (with the exception of clearing the value to blank - that appears to be bugged). I also hid the “success” message because it was blocking the accordion tabs below.

Here’s a demo link you can try.!/accordion/sample-data-table-details-1/5m9N0njzqk

Edit: Sorry I forgot to add that I used the from ID for the JavaScript section


Hi Tim, sorry for the delay in responding i´ve been off for a couple of days. That´s a very good workround you´ve come up with, I will take it. A big thankyou, you´ve been really helpful!