Is there a pipe that I can utilize to do concatenation?

I was just going through the text utility pipe documentation and I did not see concatenation anywhere in the docs. It does mention concatenation on the pipe itself but I can’t figure out how to do it.

If the text utility pipe doesn’t have that functionality yet, is there some way to do concatenation with the advanced math pipe by changing the “math” reference?

@SuiteUpstairs, sounds like you’re looking to do some actual code to combine math together with text? Almost like writing custom javascript.

I know we’re a no code platform, but, I just pubished a new “Server Side Javascript” pipe, can you see if that helps you? It essential allows you to create custom variables and write custom JS code to do any sort of JS.

For example,

if({value1}+{value2} < {value3}) { "Yes" } else { "No" }

Or even more complex:

if ({value1}+{value2} < {value3}) {
  "Value 1 Plus Value 2 is Less than Value 3"
} else if ({value1}+{value2} > {value3}) {
 "Value 1 Plus Value 2 is Greater than Value 3"
} else {
  "Something else"

If you post here the specifics of what you’re looking to do I’m sure we can help you write your code. We are after all a no code platform. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha, your funny @moe! I’m not looking for anything complex here, just looking to join two fields together like this:

The first field = “Change Order”
The second field equals a number = 1

{first_field} + {second_field} = Change Order 1

Now I realize I would have to also add some spaces in there but I’m only looking for the concatenation function from the Text Utility Pipe, not some crazy code sorcery! :wink:

@moe, The reason I mentioned the advanced math pipe is that under request type of that pipe, if you take out the operator like this:

{“math” : “{value1}{value2}”}

and on the test tab you enter 1 for the first value and 8 for the second value you get 18 in the response, basically a number concatenation.


My question there is, can you change the “math” part of this {“math” : “{value1}{value2}”} to something else like “text” or “string” and would that work. I have tested both of those and it doesn’t work.

Wait a second, I hope I’m not missing something here but why not use CONCAT in an equation field?

Your not missing anything Tim, I was just hoping to avoid using the equation function at the table level. I want the table field to be a static text and if I use an equation then I have to also make a table rule to copy the equation to a static text field. That is fine in some situations but now that rule runs evertime the record is edited which is a waste of resouces. If you can concatenate with a pipe it only gets triggered at the form level, much more effiecent.

I know I can add a condition to the rule too but the rule will still run.

Most of the functions in the Text Utility Pipe you can do with an equation field at the table level, I was just wonder if the concatenation function was also availible in the pipe.

That’s a good point, I can understand that completely.