Is there a way to extend the New Record Pipe?

I have a table that is reflecting new records on an external service. It is updated by Zapier. And when it has a new record I want another associated new record to be created in a different table. And I want it to happen straight away.

I turned to Zapier and Make, like I have so often before. But I want to see if this is possible in Tadabase.

  • I dont want to use an Action, as this is all to be automated
  • I can’t use table rules to create a record in another table (not directly at least)
  • I could use Automation but that builds in a time lag
  • I can’t even use Zapier as it doesn’t recognise new records in a table if they have themselves been added by a Zap.

So I looked again at Pipes, and building a rule with a Pipe that creates a new record. And that pipe exists BUT it only has a payload of 1 field. I want to create a new record and set at least 10 fields with the Pipe.

So my question is… Is there a way to extend the New Record Pipe to allow it to set 10 fields instead of 1 ?


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I managed to solve this :grinning:

Doubtless the skilled coders would not have even asked. But though brute force and effort I realised the simple way to add extra fields into the Pipe. I hope my efforts may help others avoid a day banging your head against a brick wall.

Simply make a copy of the Tadabase REST API / Save a Record Pipe, and then in the ‘Parameters’ and ‘Response’ sections add extra matching pair fields for field_id1, field_val1, field_id2, field_val2 etc … until you have enough variables to use.

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I have tried to follow your recommendation but cannot get more than the first field to be added to a record. At this stage I am running the test using two fields. My new parameters are:
Field Id2, Type - ‘TB Field’ and Field val2 Type - ‘Text’.
My responses are as shown:

Your help here would be much appreciated.


I don’t think I edited the ‘Response’ tab. Where I edited was in Parameters

Like below. I hope it helps.

Hi mtif,

Thanks for your prompt reply and help. I cannot make this work so am looking at alternative approaches.

Cheers, Michael

Can you please show the Parameters tab and the Request tab in screenshots? Additionally, if you can provide a video with what you are looking to do, it would be helpful to help guide the rest of us.

Thank you,

My example

The Scenario
We use an online booking calender system and it creates appointments. These appear our users’ calandars, but I also have a copy of the meeting details recorded to a table in Tadabase - and this is done by Zapier very easily.

But for some of these appointments we need to prepare some other services - and this means creating a new record in a separate table as soon possible.

Therefore the objective is to automatically create a record in table B (sometimes) when a new record appears in table A.

The ‘sometimes’ part is easy - table Rules take care of that. But table rules cannot (directly) create a record in another table. This is possible with an ‘Action’ or ‘Automation’ but not Rules - not without using a Pipe. (nb: another Zap wouldn’t work either)

Which is why I turned to Pipes (Tadabase Rest API) and the ‘Save New Record’ call. But I was stuck, because the basic pipe, as published, has a payload of 1 field. So I could see how I could create a new record with just 1 field - but of course I had more fields than that to put into the new record. I was stuck and made my first post here… but in fact the answer was simple.

I copied the ‘Save New Record’ call, and then made a few changes to the ‘Request’ adding lots of new field_ids and field_vals as many as I needed.

… and to the ‘Parameters’ I did something similar to match the Request. This has the effect of adding more fields to payload of the Pipe

So that I could return to the Table Rules for Table A, and create a new Rule that creates the New Record in Table B with all the fields I wanted. NB: the table Id is table B, and the field_id’s are all the target field ids in Table B (its useful to write these down before attempting to build).

I hope that explains and is useful to someone else. This pipe works brilliantly. :slight_smile:

Hi Adam,
I am trying to create a related, but not connected record, for a new member of a club. given the example kindly provided. I experimented by adding just one more field to the parameters. Below is an example showing the parameters plus the test I ran, with fields Sales Type and Description, within the Pipe.

Only the first field gets created in the new record even when I changed the sequence of the fields entered.

I hope this clarifies the issue. My solution is to add a link from the member to the sale entry (not really needed) that allows me to create the new record using a Record Rule when the member record is created.

Thanks, Michael

Hi Michael

Its not entirely clear where your example falls over. But want to check that the Rule or Action that calls the Pipe is complete and that both the found fields are mapped onto the new record you want to create ?

Hi to you both,
It was my fault. I had not added the Request form-data for the new fields. All worked when this detail was added.
Thank you both for your time and input which is very much appreciated.
Cheers, Michael.

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I’m glad you got it working