Is this a good fit for tadabase?

I have a client, a small 6 person Health and Safety (H&S) consultant. They create a lot of custom H&S documentation for clients. They currently do all this using MS Word, very tediously.
They copy and paste “blocks” of text into an overall word document and then customise/add some blocks as needed. Documents can get up to hundreds of pages (literally lever arch folders full)

There is a host of other stuff they want to do that I am confident Tadabase can do (CRM, field services, scheduling etc) but the “doc mgmt” stuff fields like a poor fit. Ideally, I could integrate it all into one Tadbase app. I guess I could integrate with some form/doc mgmt tool through zapier. Anybody any suggestions or thoughts.
They are an O365 house so I did look at Microsoft Automate/ Power Apps buy the costs are prohibitive (that’s being generous :see_no_evil:)

tks N

A bit of research shows up that integromat works with Sharepoint online which has some interesting CMS capabilities so may be able to integrate with via that