ISO 27001 certification - is there an update?

After SOC2 compliance, there was mentioned, Tadabase would also go for ISO 27001 certification.

One of the very good reasons to develop applications with a SAAS platform, like Tadabase, is you don’t have to worry about safety: the platform takes care of it.

So, @moe could you give an update on ISO 27001, or any other IT security initiatives?

@Peter this has been our agenda and 75% of the groundwork/audit was done but we sadly haven’t gotten it over the finish line. It’s still something we very much intend to complete. I don’t have an exact timeline yet. As we keep growing and focus on solving some of the growing pains (tasks, PDF, scalability, hosting etc…) we’ve been experiencing it’s required us to pull all our resources into that instead of the audit.

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Hi Moe, thank you for followup to Peters question. I just want to stress this is important to myself as well. I know it requires resources that are being used elsewhere, but I hope that it can be a focus soon. I have several large retailers that will be using the apps we create here and several others that would like to but cannot because of a ISO requirement.

@abridges how is SOC2-compliance seen by this retailer? That should count as well, or are they only focussed on ISO27001?

Unfortunately ISO27001 is the minimum standard to even start a discussion for any type of services