ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

I wanted to created template databases as individual modules with each representing areas of ISO 9001 QMS. For example a template module for document management system (DMS), Another module for Risk Management, another for Actions Tracker etc… Once I have my library made up of all the modules, I want to be able to select a blank app and drag and drop each module into the blank app to create a complete business management system based around ISO 9001:2015.

At the moment it is possible to copy/paste certain objects in page to another page inside app but not to another app inside same account. Also copy of entire page is possible and paste within app only though.

Just wondered if the modular design concept can be done with what we have today or if there are any plans to have such a feature. It would really make a massive difference in spend and turn around for small time developers like me who focus on key industries that have very similar or same business processes.

I guess I could just make all the modules in one app then copy that as the template and delete modules customer doesn’t require. Thing is i have already made half of my modules as separate apps and to integrate them into one app doesn’t look possible without remaking them all from scratch. oh what a pain :frowning: