Issue with records copied via pipes

Hi Community, I have a pipe set up to successfully “Import Child Records” & it works great. BUT the records don’t show up in an Integromat scenario using the “Search Records” module UNLESS I actually edit the record in the Tadabase app & then run the Integromat scenario. I have tested this many many times & until I actually “Save” the new records EVEN without making changes to the detail - they will not be found by the Search Records module in Integromat. I have done a quick video to demonstrate this behaviour. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Link to video
@moe potential bug or something that is by design? Thanks for the help. Cheers


This is definitely bizarre.

Are there any record rules that you’re setting when you manually add a product to an order that could be conflicting with Integromat filters? Or table rules?

I’d be interested in seeing what Integromat is returning from the relevant module where it grabs the order line items.

Hi @tim.young there are quite a few record rules used at various stages:
Option 1) Creating the Order Template - All rules are Update This Record - i) Save as Order List Template to a Custom Value of Yes ii) Venue to the Logged in User’s Field of Venues iii) Order Emailed Custom Value of Not Sent
Option 2) Adding products to the list template - 1 Record Rule - Update This Record - Venue to the Logged in User’s Field of Venues
Option 3) Creating a Manual Order (as opposed to a Template Order) 3 record rules - All Update This Record - i) Set the date to current date ii) Set Venue to Logged in User’s field of Venue iii) Set Order Emailed to Not Sent
Option 4) Adding products to Manual Order - 2 rules both Update Record rules - i) Set Venue to logged in users venue ii) Set Supplier to Record Value of Supplier Name

All pretty ordinary rules as far as I can tell.

I have attached the output from a working search in Integromat.
I have also forced the users to enter a quantity by removing the quantity from the template order list until there is an explanation or solution to this behaviour.

I appreciate the input Tim. Cheers

Somethings not right here but I’m not sure what it is. This should be working.

Can you contact our support team and let them know what’s going on?

Also, there’s another Tadabase connection available that was invite only. See if you get different results using this one.

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Hi @tim.young thanks for the reply. I have tested the other Tadabase app & get the same results.I’ll open a ticket with support. Cheers for the help again! :grin:

Hi Brad,

Its a bug, I had the same issue couple months ago when I imported a list of records from CSV file. Tadabase support fixed it within a day.