Issues with Zendesk pipe

I am trying to get Tadabase to connect to Zendesk through the Zendesk pipe but after putting in all the correct details and verifying on Zendesk’s side, I keep getting a 401 error or other errors.

The errors I am seeing are “error”: “Couldn’t authenticate you” and error 422. Can someone help me get this to work because I have checked all details including auth info, content-type, user email and password, etc

I see what the issue is and we’ll fix this.

For now, here’s a workaround.

  1. Go to this site, put in your email:password and click encode. Don’t forget the : between the email and password.

  1. Copy the encoded value.

  2. In the API calls, set the Authorization to “No Auth”

  3. Add a new header in the headers tab called “Authorization”
    and in the value field put in “Basic YOUR_VALUE_FROM_NUMBER_2_ABOVE”

This should fix it.

Tried this but its still not working. I can get it to work with Postman app but not with Tadabase. It says Couldn’t authenticate you for a Create Ticket api

Unfortunately, not much I can do for troubleshoting without taking a look.

If you wish you can share the app with me (moe at and I’ll take a look or email us at support and we’ll try and find the issue.

I sent an email but a resolution is still pending. Seems like there may be issues with the headers because I can use Postman with the exact same info and it works.