Keep input dialog box open if you sweep past the border

This is a small thing, but it would streamline input and add polish to the program. When a dialog box is open and I sweep over the existing text to delete or replace it, if I sweep past the border of the box and release the mouse outside the box, the dialog box will close. Many programs will keep the focus on the dialog box so you can begin typing your new text. This would be helpful.


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We’ve looked into this briefly in the past and it appears to be a Chrome thing and not a coding change we can make.

You can see how it happens in any pop up, for example: (click on “Open Modal” ) and drag.

A simple solution might be to disable clicking away. To close the dialog you’d need to click the ‘x’ or ‘Update’


I do think it would be an improvement if you had to click ‘x’ or ‘Update’ to close. Most of the time if you have opened a modal dialog you want to make some change.

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What about setting the focus to the input so the value that a user wants to modify is always highlighted?

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I find the same issue in the Builder today, often I drag to highlight the text and it closes. For example when I add a New Field and want to set it’s name.

But I would actually like that the first field (In this case, Name) is set focus then I wouldn’t need to swipe and as I often start writing as soon as I see the dialog open as most applications these days default to the first field for focus it would save me another step of getting the mouse and clicking in the field for every field I add.

I will raise the Set Focus in the Builder as another issue but it could save both this issue and that in one.