Lack of Priority Support Response / Tickets Not Resolved

Can someone please explain Priority Support Response to me? We are on the Scale plan and I usually spend my time working on apps in the evening or overnight. This results in support tickets that get submitted for bugs and problems routinely in the evening or overnight. Then I waste days waiting for an appropriate response because it’s 4PM and support keeps bankers hours Mon-Fri from 9A-4P each day.

We’re over a year in paying for an app and still no finalized app to move to largely because of problems with the Tadabase platform that require fixes and waiting. And then I get pulled away again for a week on other tasks. And then forget what I was doing and start over again. It’s a vicious cycle.

Today I got the response “Use A Tadabase Partner” from support. I refuse. I pay for support from Tadabase. When the platform doesn’t work properly I expect support! The Pipes system is not passing header properly for no apparent reason. Yesterday the Pipe just stopped working with “An error has occurred, please contact the app Admin”. And I get told by support to “try saving the pipe again”. That I wasn’t saving the Pipe. I’ve saved the pipe multiple times, refreshed the page, cleared cache, etc. and it STILL throws that error.

I ended up just creating another pipe. And you know what? That doesn’t throw that error. It throws another error that is specific to Tadabase Pipes. :skull_and_crossbones:

And all this is because I am having to do a band aid, bubble gum workaround to get Tadabase to work with an OAuth API. OAuth has been around for a DECADE and should be built into this software. It is the industry standard for authentication. Why is this not a NATIVE function?!

I also still have support tickets open that have been open for months. One since January! Are these ever going to get resolved or responded to? I just checked on a ticket I opened a month ago and it was closed with NO resolution?! The issue is still there.

I can’t be the only one that is experiencing these issues. We used to have 24/7 support. What happened to this Platform?!

I’m frustrated and out of gas. I guess I’ll just wait until tomorrow for a response from support, submit my response at 8PM tomorrow when I have time to read it, try it and see it doesn’t work again, and then wait until the following day’s response to get told to “reboot my PC again” by support.

Someone needs to take a HARD look at how many tickets are open, pending, etc. It is likely I’m not the only one with all these open tickets. Some that were submitted haven’t ever been responded to or looked at either.

And I would encourage whoever looks at this to look at the replies to the tickets and cross-reference that with the user and if they are still a paid user. Might help to pinpoint problems.

Hey @beaugast

I feel terrible about how frustrated you are feeling. Our team works as hard as we can to provide a constant flow of feature updates, resources & tutorials, methods to improve accessibility and engagement, and bug fixes. We do try to focus on all of these equally but sometimes we could do a better job.

I just wanted to update you about your Pipe specifically and respond to a few of your points. At this point, I do not believe there is any issue with Tadabase that is preventing this Pipe from working.

After a bit of Googling and a quick question to ChatGPT, I believe your Pipe is on the right track now that it’s configured in a more appropriate way.

Here’s my chat with ChatGPT for reference - Format JSON as x-www-form-urlencoded

You can check this out in your app as I’ve made the necessary changes there. I’ve included more information in a direct email due to sensitive information contained in your Pipe.

For clarity sake, we have never offered 24/7 support with the exception of 24/7 monitoring and response plans for service outages, and Enterpise accounts.

For further clarification on what our support tiers are and the support that we provide, our support terms and documentation can be found here - Tadabase Support | Tadabase

In regard to your ticket that was closed with no resolution, I checked on this and it was automatically closed by our system because the ticket status was not set correctly. Apologies for that.

You can also expect follow up responses to your other active tickets soon.

I want to make sure the team there understands the implications of failing to respond to these tickets and prioritize fixes. I just lost a major state government client contract because a bug I reported 5 months ago under ticket number 13489 was never even responded to. I again requested an update to this yesterday and was finally told that this is a “known issue that is currently in our development backlog”. It took 5 months to get that response. And is still in the development backlog while new features are being introduced. That agency is in the middle of their grant process and has been forced to have a paper form available because of this bug. My contract with them is gone after the process is over.

I understand that you do not offer 24/7 support, however I do expect my tickets to actually have a response when submitted and the appropriate follow-up. Maybe I should have gotten louder about this prior to now but I cannot be the only person this is happening to. And it is extremely frustrating.


I missed your ticket and that’s my fault, I apologize for that.

If you noticed that the ticket was missed or not responded to, you’re free to respond to the ticket, get ahold of us via chat, or send us direct emails since you have direct emails to our team.

As I typing this, you and I are currently in an active support chat together and I’m happy to talk about it further there.

If anyone else has concerns about the support they receive from Tadabase and our team, please feel free to contact me directly at

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