Let user delete their user data/ profile - how?

My app is aimed at consuments who I want to give the possibility to delete their User data / User records based on a button/ click. Anyone suggestions what’s the best to do this, since it’s not a native feature on the TB platform.

If you are talking about deleting the currently logged-in user’s own account, you will most likely have to do this with a custom pipe using the API or outside of Tadabase with Zapier or Make. That could be dangerous depending on what is connected to that user however.

Yes, or give the user the experience that his profile is deleted. Maybe by assign a role as ‘blocked’ user or something like that?

I use this method a lot, I’ll add a field to the user table called archived and then add an action link to the front end and call it DELETE. When the user clicks the delete action link it marks the user archive field to “yes”

If you do it this way you have to make sure you filter all your front-end tables and lists to only show user data where the archived field is blank…