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How do I make a link button to be a ANCHOR LINK, I’m trying to have a button that goes to the connected component just like in a edit form…

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You mean to have the link navigate to a specific anchor of a page? Like half way down? Not sure what you mean about edit form. Unless you’re referrng to having it open in a pop up window?

Regarding the anchor link…

Step 1: Add a button to your page with an HTML component and give it a class. Eg. -

<p><button class="anchorButton">Go!</button></p>

Step 2. On your live app, find the Row that your anchor - the row you want the page to scroll to.

Step 3. Add this JavaScript to your page. Replace ‘x_element_7_1’ with the ID of your row.

$(".anchorButton").click(function() {
    $('html, body').animate({
        scrollTop: $("#x_element_page_7_1").offset().top
    }, 750);

This is exactly what I need!!! Thanks @tim.young I’ll give it a try now.

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@joshjosh check this out!

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Thanks @manuelchhjny

How would this work using an HTML button to launch a popup window?