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Hi all, I am struggling with the setup of my app, so therefore I hope that the community can help me with my issue. I have a loan comparison tool built, in which each User can see how much he can borrow for a total of 19 providers. Each provider has unique variables, like interest rates. The user has standard inputs ( like income and the amount he wants to borrow)In the end, the user gets a results table of 19 rows ( each provider has a unique row) and the results ( like the monthly rate) for each provider. The results table is standard and is generated through an import records function ( since every user is validated against the same 19 providers). However, the issue comes that to determine the results ( for each row of a total of 19), around 25 equations are used… and the issue with the equations is that the result of eg equation 14 is an input for equation 15… and so on… so the problem is that generating my results table ( through an Action link with a nice loading spinner :grinning:) takes around 100 seconds to load… that’s seriously long ( and maybe too long)… so does anyone has dealt with this same issue ? I don’t know how to take a shortcut, since the users expects to be checked for 19 providers ( so I need 19 rows) and the equations are subsequently used, in the case that outputs for some equations are used as inputs for other equations…

So far I haven’t found the solutions, so maybe one of the community members can help me pointing the right direction.

You have to combine calculations into possibly one.
It might be a bit uncomfortable, but you have to substitute the previous equation into the answer of this equation used in the next equation. You start with the last equation first and work your way back. That will probably speed up a lot.

@Peter , thanks but I already have cropped a lot of formulas… The issue is that the equations are run, whether the field contains values or not… As an example, when I choose to generate list upon start of the app (and no values are yet present), the creation of the results table takes time since TB is trying to execute equations even though there are no values yet. This is also taking time…

I removed all the equations for a test, and then the load time is back to 12 seconds… So the solution is definitely in the structuring the data and managing the way TB deals with the results

@kruizf201 this might be one for your magic fingers. @slimpens, I would highly recommend you connect with Kevin, this sounds like a need for some custom API work. I am fairly certain it would push the native TB custom JavaScript and API abilities in TB to their max.


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Hi Adam, I tried to do a loop through Make, but the issue with API is that the API also ‘waits’ untill TB gives a signal that another row can be added. And the waiting is mainly caused by the equations-execution… So my best guess is that this also would not do the trick :smile: