Log sent emails attached to a record

I have action link buttons attached to records to send emails. How can I log all emails that have been sent and display this in a table?

Do you want to log the content of the emails or the fact that an email was sent?

If it’s the latter, would it be a count of emails sent related to a record?

Just a log that records the email was sent and when. I don’t need a record of the email content.

How are you triggering the email to send?

An action link button on my data table.

You can create a new datatable with a connection to datatable you’re emailing from, and any fields you may want to store like from, to, date, etc.

Then within the action link, chose insert new connected record (email datatable). Populate that with whatever info you’d like.


You might want to be careful not to add a new record in a table if the email function is one that will occur often if you want to be conservative with record usage. Another option is setting up an automation that removes records after a period of days assuming you don’t need to story the history indefinitely.


Thanks Tim, I’m going to give that a try. No idea why I hadn’t thought of doing that!
The email only needs to be sent once so I should be able to keep it simple.

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