Lookup field to connect two tables thru another

Hi, I have 3 tables, User with roles, Centers where users are assigned (linked field), Projects where Centers are selected (linked field). My question is: how can I define in Pages that a user with a role only see the projects that are related to this Center? There is no direct relation just thru the Centers table.

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I think what you’re looking for is something very similar to the example in our docs where a user should only see jobs that are associated with the company he belongs to.

Can you take a look at this and see if this is what you’re looking for?

Hi Moe, tks for your reply. My problem in my example is that who “creates” the record in the Projects table is not necessarily the same person (User) who is watching, belonging to the same Center and sharing the same role.
I mean, user A from Center X with the role Head and user B from Center X with the role Head. User A creates a record in Projects, selecting the project is done in Center X. User A could see the project using your rules, but user B don’t. I manage 10 Centers, and each Center has a variety of users with the same or different roles, but all users should access the projects of their Center according to the role. How to fix this?

I forgot to say that I’m using Airtable with the same structure, but I can include a lookup field in Projects thru the Centers linked record to see the list of users included in this Center. The point is that when using Stacker to make the app, I can configure Stacker filtering that any user of Center X can see only their projects of X and with additional filters according to the role (edit or not, i.e.). I cannot see how to do that in Tadabase… check the image enclosed

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Disregard, I misunderstood the question!