LPAD is missing

I wanted to add some 0 to a number, so that after a Rollup with “concate unique” the numbers will be in the right order.
This doesn’t look nice and right.

So I did some research and found it could be done with
This would add 0 or 00 in case the number is not 3 digits.

Alas there is no LPAD, although there is a RPAD.


Could you add LPAD please?

Bonus, is there an alternative to LPAD which could be used to add leading zeros to a number?

Hi Peter,
One solution I have used is to add a large number to your numbers with a Basic Formula. If your numbers are all below 10,000 (and will never go above 10,000), then add 10,000 to your number and use the RIGHT function to return the four right-most digits.