MAC Address Input Mask

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know how I would create an Input Mask for a MAC Address? eg D9:DE:8I:OP:45

Thanks in advance


Hi @PeterW,

You can use the Tadabase Text Utilities Pipe to mask a MAC address after it’s been entered. I’m assuming you want to store the actual MAC address but mask it while being displayed. We can do that by running the Pipe at the Data Source level on page load.

1) Install Tadabase Text Utilities Pipe - we’re going to be using the Regex Mask method. No set-up is required.

2) Let’s say you have a table component that is displaying records containing the MAC address.

3) Edit the Data Source, add the Pipe, and set the following parameters

Text = {Record Value with MAC address}
Regex = “[A-Za-z0-9]” please note that you must include the quotation marks
Replace With = Special character of your choice

4) Remove the MAC Address field from the table and add the Result Pipe Field - you can rename the Pipe Field if you wish

5) Reload the live app to view the table and the MAC addresses should be masked