Magic link for logging in --> both customer service and security enhancement

I want to implement a magic link for logging in in TB. E.g Slack also uses it.

For customer experience it’s great and alsof or security reasons… Each time the user logs in the password is set to a new variabel (Tadabase Text Utilities).

Temporary password generation is already covered in the video from @tim.young and the auto-signin based on an e-mail link is covered by @Chem

Is there a quick way to do this? Currently I can build some workarounds, but I don’t have the option to send an e-mail tot the user based on a e.g. a Table Rule.

@moe : this works pretty much the same way as a password reset option.

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I’m excited to say that this is now in active development.

I hope we launch this together with a few other user/security features in the coming 3-4 weeks.

We intend to cover in this release:

MagicLinks with ability to:

  • Create a configuration that can be reused
  • Link Expiration
  • Link Revocation
  • Link/Click Logging
  • Link IP Restrictions
  • Webhook Notifications

These links will be able to be generated directly inside of outgoing emails similar to App Variables.

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@moe is there an ETA on this feature? I am actually waiting for it, since for my clients it would be great to skip the login/password step and use the Magic Link.

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@slimpens this is still in active development.

It’s part of a bigger User Security implemenation where we’re also adding Password lifecycles, history and more so it’s taking a bit of time.

We hoped to have it done by now, but realistically we need a few more weeks.

@moe ok thanks for sharing!

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