Major problem: Lagging equation calculations

Hello all,

I have experienced delayed calculation on all types of equation fields (roll-up, basic formula, sum formula, etc.) in the past few months. It occurs on multiple different tables and apps. When I manually refresh the formula in the builder the equations refreshes and calculates correctly. I have contacted the support for particular fields and there has not been a definite resolution to this problem, therefore I believe it is a global problem within Tadabase.

Imagine using TB for running order processing, invoicing, managing deliveries, stock quantities and have calculations not updating promptly. And when the use cases involve millions of EUR/USD of transactions the problem becomes very serious.

Has anyone else experienced such issue? Is there a probable reason for such a delay? I believe such kind of a problem will be a major no-no for enterprise users and therefore the team should put some efforts in dealing with the problem.

Looking forward to some support from other users to focus the attention to this problem and get it solved for good. If you have any quick fixes in the meantime I am looking forward to the response of the support team.



I have experienced the same.

I’ve noticed the same issue. What have you been told by support?

They said that they`ve updated something and the issue disappeared for some time, but I noticed it once again yesterday. I guess it comes and goes and maybe is dependent on server load. It is really a major concern and should be inspected by TB team seriously. I suggest all of you who have the same issue add a ticket and mention that you have seen other users with the same issue.