Major Problems with Tadabase & Zapier

Anyone else ran into trouble using tadabase with zapier? We are facing major problems… Whenever we use “create a tadabase record in zapier” we get numerous errors.

When a “create a record” step is fired the record is created on tadabase, only zapier doesnt realise it has been created and tries again and again resulting in multiple records being created.

So to prevent this i set up a unqiue field in tadabase, the same thing happens again ie zapier tries to create multiple versions of the same record, only this time the unqiue field in zapier rejects the entry since it already exists but this returns an error in zapier and eventually the zap turns it self off. I tried working around this and used zap manager to turn it back on automatically however this isnt working succesfully since zaps stop running half way through when the zap is turned off and I am getting numerous errors.

This happens on multiple zaps, different tables etc. I can’t belive i am the only use this is happening to, anyone else ran into these issues or have any solutions.

Hey @RussD I’ve used Zapier extensively but chose not to with Tadabase. I made the switch about year ago to MAKE.COM and haven’ looked back it’s super intuitive and powerful. I appreciate it’s not an answer to your question but if is an option you might want to consider testing this in Make if you end up stuck on the Tadabase / Zapier integration.

I personally agree with you here @GREDDIE but professionally this is likely because we’ve worked more closely with Make to support the Tadabase Modules and both platforms should be more than capable.

All users should know that Tadabase did not build and does not manage or maintain the connections in either Make or Zapier.

I’m hoping that soon, we’ll have a better working relationship with Zapier to address any potential issues with their connections to our API. I’ve reached out to their team to coordinate.


I’m having the same problem with Zapier and was in contact with @tim.young and Zapier’s support. We have one important Zap frequently turned off suddenly. It seems that the integration is trying to create the same record twice and is returning an error because of a Unique ID field.

I was taking a look at Make and seems that their pricing is better than Zapier. I pay Zapier 133.50 USD/month for 5,000 tasks while Make is 18.82 USD/month for 10,000 Ops.

Don’t know if Tasks x Ops count will be the same, but sure I’ll give Make a try.

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Hi @tim.young. I am trying to upload signed documents from SignWell into Tadabase, and since Make does not yet support SignWell, I’m trying to use Zapier. I have successfully created a Zap that downloads signed docs to Google Drive. But when I create a zap to create a record with the signed docs attached in Tadabase, it creates the record with all of the fields except the attachment. There are no errors.

Just thought I would add my experience to the forum in case you communicate with Zapier.

Just thought id add my solution to this which is working great. It was to use webhooks in zapier and tadabase’s API. I’ve not had issues since.