Make the card component clickable

It would be awesome if the card component had a url page setting where you could direct users to a page if the card is clicked. Menachem helped me with a work around that I have included below but it would be easier for users if you could just select a page inside the component.

Here is the workaround Menachemcame up with:

Link to tips and tricks post

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Thanks for sharing the tip, I’m sure the community will find this helpful.

We will certainly keep this in mind.

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@SuiteUpstairs I’m happy to let you know that this has been added to our roadmap.


Hey Moe, I thought this was already done according to the roadmap and it was working for a little bit but it has stopped working for some reason. Just thought I’d give you the heads up.

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Thanks for that. I’ll be sure this is resolved in our next update.