Making a PO (purchase order) from a purchase item

I have following database structure:

  1. I would like to generate a purchase order from the (not directly connected) Purchase Item table in tadabase from the list/table of purchase items.
  2. And I would like to generate a purchase order with purchase order items in one form (which is difficult then the purchase order items should be connected to the not yet generated purchase order.

The handicap: I would like to add information like a) who wants to order and b) who is handling the PO, which is part of the Purchase order information, so just generating a record is not enough, I need to enrich it with information.
Obviously it should be 1 action, not first make a PO and then in a second action to enrich the PO with additional data and/or add purchase items.

Can someone help me here?
Do I need to use another structure of tables to do this?


Hi @Peter , this is possible, but you need to handle this with Javascript in order to generate the PO and link the Items from other tables, let’s get in touch

What about without JavaScript? There is no native tadabase way?

@Peter you will need to use pipes to achieve this

have you seen the tb template?