Making Raw Object Values available in emails

It would be nice if the raw object values and even the global variables were available in the email component of forms and actions instead of just the HTML components.

Address: {!!Address.address!!}
Address Line 2: {!!Address.address2!!}
City: {!!!!}
State: {!!Address.state!!}
Zip: {!!!!}
Country: {!!!!}
Latitude: {!!!!}
Longitude: {!!Address.lng!!}

Title: {!!Name.title!!}
First Name: {!!Name.first_name!!}
Last Name: {!!Name.last_name!!}
Middle Name: {!!Name.middle_name!!}


This is something I thought we’d already added, but apparently not.

Just added this to our roadmap.


This feature has been added into production with a recent update :grinning:

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