Map Component - 1 record, 2 Address fields

Using the Map component I’d like to only show one single record though that record has 2 address fields.

I’ve got a Map component on a details page but seems like I’m unable to control which records appear, or limiting the map to only single record.


There was a single map component that allowed for showing a single record on a details page. It was removed but will be coming back shortly. I asked support about it the other day.

Ah, good to know. Is “shortly” = “tomorrow”? :stuck_out_tongue:

This week for sure.

We’re working on wrapping up our multi-step form along with several other bugs.

Here’s a preview:

Which will look like this:

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Built in stepper?!


Whoa. Will it include logic? My guess is it’s already sort of built in.

For instance if I select “Broken Part”, the next question will be “Which Part?” followed by a one more field related to the part they selected.

Yes, you’re right.

It works with all the existing Display Rules, the only difference is you can show it on different pages/steps.

Incredible. I’m like a week old here and continually shocked at what I can do with Tadabase.

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The ‘Updates’ page says that this is live but I can’t seem to access the feature…perhaps it hasn’t launched yet?

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You’re in for an awesome ride then! I joined Tada a year ago and the amount of improvements (a tremendous amount based off of users suggestions or functions) is enormous. Tada’s Support doesn’t really abide the notion of “no, we can’t do that”. They truly are a “yes” team!


No doubt. I’m more than confident Tadabase can accommodate quite a few functions that I couldn’t get elsewhere without some hurdles, heavy costs, and other limitations.

I’ve come here from Stacker(.app) which sits on top of Airtable as the database. You can quickly pull together system but two things: 1) rather pricey to unlock some rather standard functionality one would expect 2) there are a lot of limitations (as it stands today).