Mapping of API Input parameters

How does Tadabase map input parameters for an API? I want to send a number as an input, but Tadabase sends it as text to an external provider. I get an error code on the response that the input field is text.

“input”: {
“calculation”: {
“inputs”: [
“reference”: “Xinput_aanvrager1inkomenpostaow”,
“value”: [
“value”: “Xinput_aanvrager1inkomenpostaow”
“outputs”: [

The API is in custom JS code:. The input field value should be seen as a number.

This goes for all parameters, which are a combination of numbers, dates and text. Anyone have experience in letting a Tadabase API call add the type of input in an API request?

And do I need to add something when it is a date or number of text?