Mark Notices as Read

Hi there, I am currently evaluating Tadabase, and the following functionality eludes me.

I have a set of users.

Notices are created by an administrator which are legally required to be read by all the users - so I need to know which users have (or have not) read which notices. I know how I would do this in SQL the good old fashioned way, but in tadabase - I am confused.

Once a notice has been read by a particular user, the user should be able to click on a button (presumably an Action link from what I can gather) and then that Notice is marked as Read BY THAT USER. That’s the important bit. I need to be able to track which Users have read - or more importantly NOT read - each notice.

With this functionality I would like to be able to create a table of notices that a particular user has read and another table showing the notices that a user has NOT read.

I’ve tried adding a connection from the Notices Table to the Users table. However, when I filter on that field, the system only allows me to filter by “is” or “is not” - it would be really good if there were a “contains” and “does not contain” filter on the connected field.

Can anyone help with this? I have already discarded a competing database application because I could not get it to do this… Tadabase looks much better, but this is core to my app.

Thank you for any light that anyone can shed on this.



Hi @MightBeABitLate

Welcome to Tadabase!

I’d be happy to work through this with you. Can you give me a bit more information on when the notices are created? Are they a one-time thing that’s required for a user to continue or do these notices come up at different times during a users experience?

If it’s the former, you could use the sign up component to create new notice records connected to the user, when the user initially signs up for your app. The user could then see all the notices connected to them and mark them as read. There’s certainly more to this but just my initial thoughts.


Check out this topic, this may be helpful for you!

If this is something that will work for your situation, and you need any help, please let me know :grinning:

Hi Tim, thanks for taking the time to reply - much appreciated.

The notices can be generated at any time.

If I were doing this in something like MySQL, I would have a linked table called ReadNotices with two fields - Notice ID and User ID and then check to see if there was an entry containing the User ID and the NoticeID - if so the user has read that notice, if not then the user has not read the notice.

To mark a Notice as read by a user, I would put an entry into that table.

It’s not clear how I would implement this in tadabase.

I am very new to this - 2 days - so I will have a look at the video that you sent to see if that would help.

Any thoughts are gratefully received.