Menu including links embedded with variables

My database includes Users and Customers while each user is connected to many customers.
I would like to create a Customers portal including the Customer’s details.
The solution I found was to create a page where the user selects which customer he wishs to see and then I move him to a details page (let’s call in master page) of the customer. In order to continue working with the same customer in other pages, the whole portal is based on the master page, meaning the links of the other pages were created using detail links and edit links to and from the master page.

Here its were it is getting complicated. In order to navigate through the portal I need links including the Customer’s record ID (this is the way the detail pages are designed). I tried to figure out a way to add a dynamic link to the Menu component of tadabase but it didn’t work (or I couldn’t find a way to do it - any solution here?)
My workaround was to build my own navigation bar in a custom HTML component.
The problem is that when I browse my website through mobile the navigation bar is not usable.
I assume that the easiest way would be to be able using dynamic links (ones that a record field can be attached to) in the Menu component as it is adjusted automatically when switching to mobile.
Any thoughts or recommendations?

I understand how you have created a Custom HTML menu and I can understand that this might not be easy to create in mobile and website, but there should be no reason why you cannot make the HTML responsive and display well on mobile.

What particular problem have you hit? What doesnt it work in Mobile.


I assume I can build a responsive HTML tool bar, but its extra work that I try to avoid and I have no idea of to do (unless there is a magic way of doing it). I was hoping to find a way to use the Tadabase menu which has an embedded mobile version.

To add more complexity to the situation, the toolbar cannot be created in the layout because it doesn’t have access to the Record ID of the customer. so I need to build this toolbar in each page.

I assume every issue has a workaround but I’m looking for an elegant solution including a way to use dynamic links in the tadabase menu.
a much more elegant solution would be to be able to create detail pages which are not linked to a parent page and can be accessed with a variable of the record.


Building responsive is not easy, but there are examples you could copy on the web.

But I wonder if, in search of a dynamic approach, you have tried using URL parameters. You could pass the ID of the Customer via URL parameter and in that way create a single customer page will show only the specific customer passed to it.