Menu with conditional calculation and field title

in the menu, it would be nice to have the same functions as the fields:

  • dispaly rule
  • title as field (a menu)


Just curious, what are you looking to achieve with those options?

Somehow like in Wordpress Site, when members login they have different menu options, different pages they can see depending on their subscription or maybe their credential as website admin, employee, user, writer… like that @tim.young

But what is it really? @DanioA

I try to have more flexibility in consulting the data,
I have a layout that both customers and leads access.
Customers will have a menu with the items of: invoices, payments, orders, etc.
Leads don’t need these lists.

With a conditioned menu I show only what is needed.
Sure, I can duplicate the layout, but with every change I have to repeat it on multiple tables.

That’s what I assumed you were looking for, I was just curious. That functionality would definitely be helpful!

for example.
title as field, having a menu item ‘orders’ I could put use a field that shows: ‘open orders’ instead of a static item ‘orders’

or instead of a static menu ‘messages’ show a menu with: ‘new messages’ when a counter field shows that you have a new message,

there are many solutions that could arise,