Mermaid to visualize diagrams

I read about the plugin Mermaid. It sounds very interesting.
The link is to this page: it doesn’t make me anything wiser how to use that.

Now where is the basic explanation how to use that within Tadabase?

Here is the link to a user guide:

a PEN:

But when I install the plugin, it says you need a table.
I installed the employee table. and then I can chose a table component, but after that I need to chose 2 fields???

Some minimal explaining about the plugin would help me a lot.

This could be great for ISO 9001/27001 diagrams, for visualizing workflows, for organograms, etc…

Could be a great topic for the upcoming “Build it with Tim”

Hey @Peter

Documentation for Plugins is something we need to work. Here’s the basic use case for this plugin:

Field 1: Select a field that represents the child (Connection)

Field 2: Select a field that represents the parent (Text, Link, Name, Email, Number, Currency, Rating, Date, Radio, Select, Multi-Select)

Hi all,

I’m SUPER interested in figuring out how to use this tool - I’ve been trying to get some kind of “org chart” tool in Tadabase for a maybe 2+ years so this is pretty exciting.

Any documentation / “Built It With Tim” session would be great. Also, I’d love to know if this can make “nested” org charts - which is to say more than one level deep? Some of my structures are multiple levels deep so even being able to go two layers deep would be so, so helpful.

Excited by this new tool, and would love to hear any / all thoughts people have on how to make this come to life.



Hey @DJ_Cosmo

I know this has been on a lot of people’s minds for some time now and we’re excited to see this plugin as well. Mermaid JS can absolutely support multiple levels but right now, our plugin system isn’t capable of adding variables like additional levels and nesting.

However, after installing the plugin, jump over to the JavaScript tab and you’ll see exactly how the code works so it’s likely very possible to expand on this with a little bit of JS knowledge or asking chatGPT.