Migration guide?

Hi all.

I run several, pretty complex, Knack apps for my company.
We would like to migrate them soon to Tadabase, if the migration process isn’t a huge task in itself.

  1. Could anyone here kindly point me towards appropriate guides/examples for such migrations so that i can assess how much of an effort needs to be put in as well as learn the steps required?

  2. Also, is it a possibility within Tadabase to choose the deployment region for our apps? (US/EU based servers aren’t feasible for us.)


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Hi @shrey_42!

Welcome to Tadabase.

We have free migration service and can migrate your app in minutes .

Please contact support for more details on how to get migrated.

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Thanks! Just sent an email.

Hi @moe, still waiting for a response to my email/ticket (#6287) :confused:

Hi Moe,
Does it has an extra cost?

Any more news on this service?

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It would also be useful to have a Knack-inspired theme, in order to provide a smoother transition to end users of Knack apps in production.

Any news on this topic?

It would be really great if this were possible. I have some complicated apps - with lots of calculated fields and tables with lots of conditional rules - in Knack to bring across. an automated tool would be such a huge help.

Data Migration is the migraine headache of the database world. I’ve rebuilt many databases over the last couple of decades. Migrating the data from (say) Access or Excel to FileMaker (what I have the most prior experience with) is sometimes almost as much work as rebuilding the application from scratch.

Other data management platforms — Access, Excel, Knack, Airtable — all have different options with regard to field (data) types, with regard to how calculation fields work and so on, with regard to how relationships are handed etc. Not to mention the almost inevitable need to clean up data-entry errors made in the old system. I HATE data migration work and it’s one area where I charge clients full price for every minute of pain I have to endure.

How true you are @WilliamPorter.

That’s why @moe 's comment sounded so good at the time…