More Pipes Available!

Integrate and manage all your data directly in your Tadabase app!
Here’s a list of some more pipes that are now available:


Time Management/Project Management:

  • TimeCamp
  • Everhour


  • Quickbooks Online (Invoice Management)


  • Google Docs

Thanks. Would love to have a Google Sheets pipe, if this isn’t already available.

The QBO Pipe is super helpful for us, thanks.

+1 for a Box a/o Dropbox pipe, please!

Hi @DJ_Cosmo, there is already an option in Tadabase to upload your files to Dropbox. :grinning: What other API calls are you looking for?

Does anyone know what happened to the Quickbooks Pipe? It isn’t showing in my options.

I’m sorry, there was an issue that came up with the Quickbooks pipe, and it has been pulled from production until it is resolved.