Multi Step Forms - Rearrange steps

Sorry to hit you right off the bat with this one but I immediately found that I need to be able to rearrange the step order for multi step forms.

You can blame my poor planning if you want :grinning:


@tim.young how do we make a styling where if the step 1 is done in a 3 step multi step form? I can only target the active but not the finished step… Any thoughts how, since I try to check if it has a class, but nothing…

I think we very much need to add more to the multi-step forms. I agree with @tim.young about rearranging steps. Will add this soon. @manuelchhjny We’ll also investigate targeting visited, active and unvisited steps.

Sure @moe thanks, I see more things we can still improve with the function and adaption of Multi-form, and it’s considerable since it’s still in the early stages and we’ll see more we can improve.