Multi-step validation or population of "select" options based on user input

Hi Community!
I have a validation use case that I don’t know how to implement. My users need to select three values consecutively , where the available options for the second depend on the first choice, and the options for the third then again depend on the second choice. Like so :

  1. Car Make 2. Car Model 3. Model Year
    The total number of possible combinations in my case is about 4300. I considered just concatenating them and putting them all in a single select field to keep it simple (this field is not used much), but the max seems to be somewhere around 3000, so at best I can get away with two steps, not three.
    Thanks for any suggestions!

Is this what you’re looking for?

Yes! that’s one usage scenario, thank you!
Another is where someone types or selects the Car model first, and then I need to look up the make. How would I do that?

We can’t do that, it only works downward, so first pick Make then model. I’d recommend adding a display rule to hide the second field until the first field is populated. This will ensure users don’t do that.