Multiple entry at a time

Hi Tadabase,

Is there a way I can enter multiple data and when I hit the sent. It will be created to the table at the same time? is this possible?


I can enter 3 names, 3 emails and 3 phone numbers. and when I hit the send button. All 3 will be created to the user table at the same time? is this possible?

Thank you

Are these 3 names, 3 emails, 3 phone numbers related in any way?
Do you mean creating 3 separate records each into 3 different tables?

I am confused with the question. But if you are asking if the emails and the phones are not related to the names. Yes they are related. That is the email and the phone of the person.

My goal is to enter 3 persons names and details, create a 3 user and connect them to 1 record in a table. Where they can all view the result of an exam. It is like sending an exam to a student, and they are the judges whether the student passed or failed the subject. That is the concept.

Is this possible in any way? Thank you

I would think that is possible using Action Rule and creating multiple connected records in the Action Rule.

Hi @philipteng,

Can you give me an idea on how to do it please?

Thank you!

I beg your pardon. It is not Action Rule but Record Rule, since you are using the Form component.

So I will assume your form has the necessary fields to insert into the connected records. You just need to create 3 separate connected records and push in the form values into each of the records that you are trying to create. One record rule for one connected record. Hope that helps.

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Hi @philipteng ,

Thank you for your reply! If I understand correctly, creating it will require 3 buttons for each record. Right? I am looking for a way that I can enter 3 records in 1 single button and they will be all connected to a record on another table.

Thank you

No, it is one button to save the form, and behind that form, you have several Record Rules to create the connected records.

Can you please show me how. So that I can have an idea on how I will start it. Please! sorry I am really new in this.

Thank you

Hi Edison,

I tried to create a simple example to show the steps. Not the most wonderful solution, hope it will give you some ideas.

  1. You can create a table to hold the values you want to enter into the user table.

    This table will be used to create the form for you to enter the user information

  2. So I created a form to capture the 3 user information

  3. Behind that form, I create 3 record rules to insert 3 records into the User table

    You can insert the records into any table you want

    Repeat for the other 2 records you want to insert.

  4. Run the page and enter the 3 user details

  5. You should see the 3 records created in the User table


Thank you very much. This is in my mind but I have no idea on how to start with it.

This gives me the idea.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You are welcomed!

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