Multiple file uploads into table

We have a front end page for users who can access and download files we have provided on the site. I have created a table on the back end and uploaded each file individually for each record.

Knowing that I have hundreds of these to do, it is going to take me days to upload them all individually. As we have hundreds of these files which we would like to make available to users, I was wondering if there is an option to upload multiple files (along with other fields) into a table at once?

Or are there other ways to do this?


Hi Meyer and welcome to the community.

I’m afraid without doing this using API it won’t be possible to add many files each with their own unique files. Using an API script this can likely be done very easily. Tadabaes API does support uploading files directly via API.

In the near future we will add ability to import files via an Import Template as well. That won’t be for quite a while though.


hi @moe / @Chem,

I would like to enquire if this template got published? I’m interested in doing the same thing as I need to import thousands of documents (or at least the records) into Tadabase.

I was planning on using a shared Dropbox or AWS repository.

I have documents currently stored on a Windows File Server in various folders and ideally wanted to keep the folder structure rather than dump them into a single location.

So several questions if I may relating to Files (PDF mainly in my instance).

  1. Can I import files into Tadabase in a batch operation with a template?
  2. Can I import just the files locations into Tadabase (and just move them straight into Dropbox)
  3. When I save a file in page record is it possible to pass a folder name so in Dropbox all the files will appear organised too?

Many thanks,

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